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When the weather heats up here in Hocking Hills, there are many things we residents look forward to. At first, it’s the ability to spend more time outdoors and explore our amazing local trails. Our trails come alive again after a long winter with the most gorgeous wildflowers and the waterfalls start flowing again and… Read more »

When you are planning a vacation anywhere the first thing that you think about is what you are going to do while you are away. For each traveler, their tastes are just a little different. Some like staying in and relaxing, some like spending their time outdoors, some like to a mix of both. However,… Read more »

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, summer break is just around the corner. Now is the time to start making plans for trips and flush out ideas that may come into fruition and those that may be put off until next year. In the summers, most of the country is awash in unforgiving heat,… Read more »

When it comes to food, nothing is better than fresh food. There is something about the taste that makes it just a little better and different. Restaurants recognize this as well and strive to use only the best ingredients for their guests. Over the recent years, a trend that is coming more and more popular… Read more »

For most, when planning a vacation, we usually choose fun yet relaxing activities. Here at Inn at Cedar Falls, most of our guests choose hiking or biking, maybe white water rafting, usually a spa treatment at our in house spa, but all in all, relaxing. However, we do have some guests that are thrill seekers… Read more »

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is delighted to introduce our new Director of Group Meetings and Events, Jennifer Myers. Jennifer comes to us with a plethora experience in the hotel world. In addition to her time at the Omni Netherland Plaza Hotel (now the Hilton) and The Westin in Cincinnati, Jennifer spent 12… Read more »

Sometimes when we experience such pure beauty, like those we find in nature, we have to capture it for a lifetime. For some it’s birds, others it’s plants, but the thought remains the same. Here in the Hocking Hills area, there is an annual fundraiser and photo contest that we are all excited for, and… Read more »

There are some times in our life that we just need to take a break. When this happens we have to decide the best way to take that break. For most, it’s going on a trip somewhere new. The thrill of discovering something new is usually just the thing we need to balance out our… Read more »

From the first cry of our first child until the last one’s graduation day, there is one thought that most mom’s think at least once, if not at least once a day, please don’t grow up. While moms may complain from time to time about their children if you ask them if they would trade… Read more »