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When you think about coming to the Hocking Hills area, one of the first things you think about is our beautiful scenery. There are miles and miles of trails, numerous waterfalls, and a countless number of trees and flowers to see. We at Inn at Cedar Falls are fortunate enough to enjoy these amazing surroundings… Read more »

When we all visit a new town, we love becoming immersed in its local culture. It’s usually different from our own and, therefore, new and exciting. Here in the Hocking Hills, we have so much to give to our visitors that it’s easy to see why they enjoy visiting us year after year. We at… Read more »

There is one thing that we at Inn at Cedar Falls think we can all agree on. Flowers are simply gorgeous. We love them to decorate our home indoors and out. We track their seasons so we know when things are in bloom. When you hike along one of the many interesting paths in the… Read more »

If you look back in history, life was more simple and yet harder at the same time. Some could argue that these days it has switched, that while life is easier, some of those aspects have gotten more complicated. Here at Inn at Cedar Falls, we love promoting a simple lifestyle while you are here… Read more »

When it comes to life, there are certain things that we need. Food, shelter, clothing, etc. are our most basic essentials. However, since the dawn of man we have looked onward past those for something more beautiful and meaningful in our lives. The beauty of the world inspires us and helps us create other beautiful… Read more »

As you may be aware of, the Hocking Hills area is full of history. It is told and retold in many ways in forms of stories and museums all dedicated to the history of our area. We at Inn at Cedar Falls proudly love the history of the Hocking Hills area and enjoy pointing out… Read more »

Since spring is finally here, we are all looking forward to the warmer weather coming our way soon. There are so many reasons why we here at Inn at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills love the coming of spring and summer. The first is that our property comes alive again with beautiful flowers and all… Read more »

When the weather heats up here in Hocking Hills, there are many things we residents look forward to. At first, it’s the ability to spend more time outdoors and explore our amazing local trails. Our trails come alive again after a long winter with the most gorgeous wildflowers and the waterfalls start flowing again and… Read more »