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When planning a trip to go to another town, thinking about the fun things to do is always a exciting pastime. Here at Inn at Cedar Falls, we are so close to other great towns and cities that the possibilities can be endless. One fun city to explore is Athens Ohio. It has a great… Read more »

This past summer the Inn offered a great opportunity for meeting and event planners to experience our facility first hand. We will once again be offering a complimentary overnight stay (for two) accompanied with a group tour of the grounds the following day.This is a private event for current planners only. Come and relax, enjoy dinner and… Read more »

When we plan our vacations, typically we don’t plan on learning too many new things. For some, it’s just not that relaxing. We need time to turn our brains off and just go. However, for many, either accidentally or purposefully learning something new while in a new place can be exhilarating. Here in Logan, OH,… Read more »

  When planning a trip somewhere, whether it is the first time you have been there or the tenth, there is always something fun and new to explore. It could be a new restaurant, a new shop, or for those of us who love to be outdoors it could be a new trail or cave…. Read more »

Ohio is beautiful at any time of year. In our part of Ohio, in Logan, we love spending our free time in nature. There are so many places for our locals and visitors to explore that we all recommend them to each other if we have found somewhere new and amazing. One place that isn’t… Read more »

There is nothing more relaxing and exhilarating than taking a stroll in the woods. Thinking about the woods can be relaxing too. This is one of the reasons why so many people love visiting Hocking Hills, and staying with us at Inn at Cedar Falls. Our property is adjacent to Hocking Hills State Park which… Read more »

When it comes to families of any size, one of the biggest sources of contention is laundry. There is always so much and so little time. Over the years, technology has progressed to help us get it all done. Quick cycles for when we are in a rush, longer ones for heavy stains, a slew… Read more »

Are you looking to get away with your partner? When you typically start thinking about romantic trips, usually our minds wander to the big name places and with that comes the big prices and lost of people. Why not think about having a romantic getaway in Ohio? We have everything you would need for the… Read more »