Why Cedar Falls Is Our Favorite Spot

Cedar Falls is one of the seven hiking excursions of Hocking Hills State Park. It’s also our favorite, hence the name. The 50-foot waterfall is the largest, by water volume, in the Hocking Hills region. The grounds are surrounded by large, lush hemlocks mistaken by early settlers as cedar trees. The trail is perfect for hikers of all skill levels and will reward you with majestic forest views. Access our complimentary Vacation Guide for all of our Hocking Hills recommendations!

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About Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills

History of Cedar Falls

As stated, the falls are actually covered with giant hemlocks, not cedar as the name implies. When settlers first arrived in the early 1800s they mistook the trees and wrongly named the falls, but it continues to stick to this day. The settlers constructed a gristmill around 1830 at the top of the falls. It was used to grind grains and powered by the falls. The remains of the mill still stand to pay homage to our early pioneers.

Where Is the Trail Located?

Cedar Falls is located on Queer Creek in Hocking Hills State Park. The trail can be accessed either via Gorge Overlook Trail or Grandma Gatewood Trail. This six-mile section of Buckeye Trail also allows easy access to Ash Cave and Old Man’s Cave. Cedar Falls is located on State Route 374 between State Route 664 and State Route 56. It has picnic facilities and restrooms.

What You Need to Know About the Falls

The trail leading to the falls is approximately half a mile long and takes 30 minutes to hike. The path contains some jagged rocks and the falls are landscaped by towering, moss-covered cliffs. It’s a fairly easy hike, but like always when in nature, use caution. Bring the kids as well as your four-footed friends – they will love it! There is no swimming at Cedar Falls, however. And you’ll want to keep an eye out for snapping turtles in the surrounding streams.

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