How to Have the Best Family Vacations in Ohio: Things to Do With Kids in the Hocking Hills

When you’re looking for the best place for your next family vacation, you want it to be somewhere memorable. Don’t settle for your typical trip this year; go somewhere special. Have your next family vacation in Ohio! The Hocking Hills offers plenty of opportunities to spend time and reconnect with your family. Learn about all the things to do with kids in the Hocking Hills when you access our free Vacation Guide.

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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Family Vacation in Ohio This Year

Unplug and Recharge

Family vacations don’t have to be hectic. You don’t need to run around from place to place. This year, choose to unplug and recharge on a family vacation in Ohio. The Hocking Hills is full of gorgeous greenery and forests as far as the eye can see. This way, you won’t need a vacation from your vacation! Even technology won’t get in the way; our flat screen TVs only play DVDs.

Plenty of Family Time

The most important part of a family vacation is being together. You’ll have tons of family time during your stay at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls! Explore the area to experience all the activities the Hocking Hills holds. Bring a deck of cards for a family game night, cook dinner together in the kitchen of your cabin, or take the kids out for a nice meal at Kindred Spirits. With no distractions to take away from your family vacation, you can finally enjoy some quality time together.

Great Accommodations

Kids are welcome at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls! We have cabins of varying sizes, so you can pick the perfect one for your family. Each cabin is nestled in our expansive property amongst the trees. These accommodations are known for being very quiet; it will be like a nature retreat for you and your family.

Something Different

Don’t settle for the usual family vacation. Try something new and visit the Hocking Hills! Give your loved ones experiences they have never had before. Imagine seeing your child on a zip line for the first time or the joy in their eyes when they spot wildlife from your cabin’s porch. When you stay at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, you and your family are sure to make lasting memories.

Fun for All Ages

There is something for everyone in the Hocking Hills! Our area is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, and kids love exploring. You’d be surprised how many hours they can spend having adventures in the Hocking Hills State Park. It’s easy to plan family-friendly activities, and we are more than happy to help. Read on below for some of our favorite things to do with kids in the Hocking Hills!

5 of the Best Things to Do With Kids in the Hocking Hills

caves in ohio- ash caveSee the Caves

The kids will be fascinated when you bring them to see the natural rock formations in the Hocking Hills! Hocking Hills State Park has many caves you can hike to, and each has an interesting story. Old Man’s Cave derives its name from Richard Rowe, a hermit who once lived in the larger recess cave of the gorge. Ash Cave is the largest recess cave in the state, and a massive pile of ashes left by Native Americans was found there. The hike to Whispering Cave is also kid-approved; it has the first ever swinging bridge in the park!

2. Swing Through the Trees

We have two places that we love to send guests for some family fun. You can easily spend hours at NevilleBillie Adventure Park and Hocking Hills Canopy Tours! NevilleBillie Adventure Park is truly an adventure park, and it’s just a 15-minute drive from the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. Here, you can rent ATVs, play paintball, tackle a ropes course, and visit the Moonshiners’ Mystery Shack. At the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, you can get your adrenaline pumping when you go on the zipline or opt to go on one of their adventures like the segway tour.

Challenge the Family to Mini Golf

Mini golf is always a great family activity. It’s the perfect chance for dad to show off his putting skills and give the kids golf lessons! Have some laughs as you practice your swing. Our favorite spots to mini golf are Adventure Golf at Rempel’s Grove and the Hocking Hills Market.

John Glenn Astronomy ParkGo Stargazing

We can assure you that you and your family have never seen a night sky with stars like this before. In many parts of the United States, light pollution gets in the way of these gorgeous views. Not here! The sky is dotted with thousands of twinkling lights that you can watch for hours. Head to the John Glenn Astronomy Park for the full experience. You can even point out constellations with the 28-inch telescope in the roll-off roof observatory! There are also nightly programs for the entire family to enjoy. If you would like to visit during the day, you can use a special telescope that lets you look at our closest star: the sun.

Tube Down the River

If you’re staying at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls in the summer, one of our favorite things to do with kids in the Hocking Hills is tubing down the river! It’s the perfect way to keep cool, and it’s a unique activity you probably are not able to enjoy at home. Rent a tube from one of the many recreation companies, then leisurely float down the river. It usually takes a few hours to make your way down, and you can relax the whole way.

Where to Stay During Your Hocking Hills Family Vacation

Rent out a Lodge

Our new lodges are the perfect option for family vacations in Ohio. We designed our lodges to be the ultimate group getaway. Pick a lodge where the kids can have their own bedrooms or opt to put them all together in one with a bunk room like Liberty Lodge. They’ll stay up all night whispering, but that’s what memories are made of!

When you stay in our lodges, you can explore the Hocking Hills while enjoying the comforts of home. Not only do our lodges come with fully equipped kitchens, you also have plenty of living space, a grill, and a hot tub. Many of the guests say the star of the show is the game room. The adults can challenge each other to a game of pool while the kids battle over foosball. Browse our lodges to pick the best one for you and your family.

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Get Cozy in a Cabin

If you would rather stay onsite at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, our cabins are kid-friendly and kid-approved! Each cabin rental offers guests a quiet retreat with many of the conveniences of home. Our cabins are smaller than our lodges, so they are perfect for a small family. Each comes with a living area, fully equipped kitchen, and a private porch. Imagine having a family game night in front of the fire or staying up late to see the stars outside the cabin. Browse our cabins to decide on which one is right for you!

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lodgeNow that you know all the things to do with kids in the Hocking Hills, it’s time to book your stay. Whether you decide to stay in a cabin or a lodge, the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls will make sure you have a Hocking Hills family vacation of a lifetime. Plus, keep in mind that both of these lodging options come with kitchens so you can have family meals without worrying about going from restaurant to restaurant. Don’t forget to plan some adult time with a spa treatment, too! Book your getaway today!