Hike the Grandma Gatewood Trail

Grandma Gatewood TrailWhen a lot of travelers think of the Hocking Hills area, they tend to first think about all of the outdoor adventures you can have here. It’s a natural thought since our area is filled with lush forests, amazing trails, and lots of ways to enjoy the scenic outdoors. We at Inn at Cedar Falls get questions all the time about ways to enjoy their time here with us. The first thing we need to know is how much you enjoy the outdoors. Then, it’s how you like enjoy them. Hiking, biking, boating, fishing, the list can go on and with it springs multiple ideas from there. For most of our guests, they enjoy hiking. The first place we point them is our neighbor Hocking Hills State Park where they not only have multiple trails but one in particular named after a famous trail blazing woman, the Grandma Gatewood Trail. Come learn about not only the Grandma Gatewood Trail but the woman herself.

The Grandma Gatewood Trail was named after Emma Rowena Gatewood, later to be named Grandma Gatewood. She was born in Guyan Township, Ohio in 1887 and died in Gallipolis, Ohio in 1973. Her 85 years alive were spent doing something she loved, hiking. If you have never heard of her, or the Grandma Gatewood Trail, let’s go into what makes her so unique. While she loved walking, and would go for walks to escape her abusive marriage. She didn’t start truly getting known for hiking until after her children were grown. Stories later say that she would just want to go for a walk and then keep going until she was done. She unknowingly became the inspiration behind light packing when it came to hiking as she never thought she needed much and enjoyed finding what she needed off the land. All she would pack with her would be an Army blanket, a raincoat, and a plastic shower curtain. Her accolades include hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail 3 times as well as the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon.

You might be wondering how the woman Grandma Gatewood now has a trail named after her here in Hocking Hills. While this amazing woman may have taken part of many famous hikes, there was one stretch that she loved the most, a 6 mile trail here at the Hocking Hills State Park that goes from Ash Cave to Old Man’s Cave. It is also known as part of the Buckeye Trail so don’t be surprised that you might not see the Grandma Gatewood Trail listed on maps. Many hikers before have noted that the Grandma Gatewood Trail is particularly beautiful so it’s no surprise that it’s anyone’s favorite. Grandma Gatewood loved this trail so much that she was the first to start their Winter Hike, which is still an annual tradition. In any season, the Grandma Gatewood Trail is a sight to behold. We invite you to take the same steps this brave woman did so many years ago.

As you can see, when you come to the trails of Ohio, you are not only going to enjoy the beauty of the moment but it will give you time to relax and reflect on the immense history that surrounds our area. When you do decide to come to the Hocking Hills area, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Inn at Cedar Falls. Our beautiful B&B is set against the Hocking Hills State Park. We also have many accommodation types for any type of traveler from those who are just looking for a room to those who love cabins and enjoy bringing their dog with them. Each morning enjoy a delicious breakfast and then be on your way enjoying the Grandma Gatewood Trail. Need some pampering after a long day? Book an appointment with our spa professionals! Contact us today and book a room for your next trip to Hocking Hills.

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Photo by Chris Palmer