5 of the Most Scenic Hocking Hills Hiking Trails

Hocking Hills State Park is one of the best hiking destinations in the United States. The park’s extensive trail system showcases a variety of landmarks including rock formations, waterfalls, cliffs, and caves. There are rugged trails for seasoned hikers as well as short, paved routes for novices. The park even provides guided hikes throughout the year. If you know you want to embark on Hocking Hills hiking trails but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! Below are fast facts about some of our favorite routes. 

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Top 5 Hocking Hills Hiking Trails 

Here are five of our favorite hiking trails in the Hocking Hills. Find one that suits your skill level, then be sure to bring a trail map along on your adventure. Happy hiking! 

1. Cantwell Cliffs 

First on our list is the scenic, one-mile hike to Cantwell Cliffs. This remote route is about 17 miles from any other trail but is well worth the extra haul. With its lush vegetation and dramatic cliffs, many have said that the Cantwell area is the most picturesque in Hocking County. Be sure to explore the narrow passages of “Fat Woman’s Squeeze” for a fun look at how erosion has shaped this region. 

2. Cedar Falls 

Cedar Falls is another fabulous hike in Hocking Hills State Park. The trail that leads to Cedar Falls is only halfmile long and usually takes about 30 minutes to traverse. Laden with hemlock trees, this primitive area is known for its steep rock walls, grottos, and waterfalls. Cedar Falls itself is the greatest waterfall in Hocking Hills and displays an awesome force of waterpower. Don’t forget to bring your camera! 

3. Rock House 

Nestled deep in the woods, the Rock House Trail is memorable for hikers of all ages. This scenic quarter-mile route resembles a South American jungle in the summertime! Once at the Rock House, feel free to explore the cave’s gothic-like windows and enjoy spectacular views of the green valley below. 

4. Conkle’s Hollow 

Conkle’s Hollow is a rugged, rocky gorge that’s considered one of the deepest in Ohio. Its Lower Trail offers a paved, mile-long journey that’s dotted with enormous hemlocks, rock formations, cliffs, and a meandering stream. The Upper Trail is about 2.5 miles long and leads to a spectacular waterfall. 

5. Ash Cave 

Ash Cave offers two of the southernmost trails in Hocking Hills State Park. Lower Ash Cave is handicap accessible and winds about a quartermile alongside the Ash Cave Gorge. The Upper Ash Cave Trail, often referred to as the Ash Cave Rim, offers a more rugged climb that’s ideal for experienced hikers.  

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