Hocking Hills State Park

As you begin doing your research for your upcoming Ohio vacation and stay in our Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls fabulous hideaways, you may notice that 4 words seem to pop up over and over again in the stories you read about what you can see or do during your stay and those words are Hocking Hills State Park. Billed as the number 1 state park in Ohio, most local events will take place within its boundaries and nearly everything that is beautiful and serene calls the park its home. Today, we want to take a few moments of your time to give you even more reasons for visiting these 25 miles of stunning natural beauty, taking you on a tour of what makes the park one of our favorite places in the world, not just in Ohio, and a reminder that all trails and roads in Hocking Hills State Park lead straight back to the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. 

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Established as a State Park in 1924 and Located in Logan, Ohio

Although there have been inhabitants of the area for centuries, Hocking Hills State Park was established in 1924 and is known for it natural beauty, lush landscape, and the many caves that can be found throughout the park, with the most popular cave being Old Man’s Cave. The trails that traverse this most beautiful park offer difficulty levels that range from simple enough for toddlers to handle to difficult enough to give seasoned hikers a run for there money, and surprisingly, it is one of their newest trails that will challenge hikers the most. The Whispering Cave/Hemlock Bridge Trail stretching out nearly 2 miles and offering a tranquil adventure for all who hike along its leaf strewn path. 

Hocking Hills State Park

Events to Remember

Winter Hiking

Annual Winter Hike in January

6 miles long and often frosty and snow covered, this hike ends with refreshments in exchange for a donation. 

Maple Sugaring in the Hills in March

A fascinating event that celebrates the history of making maple syrup. 

Spring Wildflowers

Week of Spring Wildflowers Hike in April

Yep, you guessed it, this hike allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers. 

Fall Hike

Grandma Gatewood’s Fall Colors Hike in October

Perhaps the most beautiful time of year for the scenery and the weather, there are a couple of fall events you won’t want to miss. 

Ash Cave

Halloween Night Ash Cave in October

Not actually held on Halloween this hike is a nighttime one conducted by lantern light. 

Ash Cave in Winter

Christmas in Ash Cave in December

Again, this wonderful event takes place earlier in the month, not on the holiday itself. 

A Season for Everything

As you can see, there is something going on in Hocking Hills State Park every season of the year, and when your journey brings you to Ohio for your favorite season, our Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls vacation escapes will be here to offer a soft place to land. Reserve your favorite today! 

Where to Stay After Your Trip to Hocking Hills State Park 

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