Learn About Columbus Washboard Company

Columbus Washboard CompanyWhen it comes to families of any size, one of the biggest sources of contention is laundry. There is always so much and so little time. Over the years, technology has progressed to help us get it all done. Quick cycles for when we are in a rush, longer ones for heavy stains, a slew of temperatures to choose from as well as different places to put bleach, soap, and fabric softener to make sure they all get added at the proper times. It’s gotten so nice you hardly have to sort your laundry anymore. Then once it’s done, the dryers take over. They have their own cycles and buttons all to make sure your laundry is dry and ready to wear. However, some of us long for the time where laundry was done by hand with love and hung to dry in the sun, which by the way, is the best way to get rid of a stain. One company has been not only manufacturing the original washboard continually in Logan, Ohio, but also love celebrating the art of laundry washing. This amazing company is Columbus Washboard Company. Sit back, relax, let you clothes cycle through once more, and let us at Inn at Cedar Falls tell you a bit more about this iconic American company.

Columbus Washboard Company’s history starts in 1895 with Frederic Martin Sr. who made these washboards in his backyard. The Columbus Washboard Company had a slow start but it really got going when his son, Frederic Martin Jr. Purchased the company from his father in 1925 and patented the design for the original “Bear Easy” washboard. He and his wife were the owners and operators of the Columbus Washboard Company until their deaths in the 1980’s and grew it to be what it is today.

If you are looking to purchase a washboard, you are in luck. Columbus Washboard Company still sells these amazing products. You can get one to use, one for decoration, or one for music. Be sure to check out their site for these washboards at a steal. You can also get a laundry kit that will outfit you with almost everything you will need to do laundry by hand. However, if you are just looking for some awesome laundry supplies, they have fantastic soaps, stain removers, and of course wooden pins to hang your laundry to dry on the line. Be sure to check out their salves and creams page to see other awesome products for sale.

For most, Father’s Day weekend is a time to celebrate dads, however, for the Columbus Washboard Company, it’s time for the annual Washboard Music Festival in downtown Logan. This fun festival celebrates everything classic American, including the washboard. There are food vendors, a car show, and of course great music.

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Photo by: Columbus Washboard Company