Everything You Need to Know About Rappelling in the Hocking Hills

We think of the Hocking Hills as nature’s playground. You’ll find every sort of natural wonder here! Countless people travel to our area to explore, and our plethora of rock formations create tons of outdoor activities. Adventure over rock bridges, through caves, and even enjoy rappelling in the Hocking Hills! Descending down the ledges is fun for all ages. Discover even more things to do in the great outdoors when you access our complimentary Vacation Guide.

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Where Can I Go Rappelling in the Hocking Hills?

If you want to go rappelling in the Hocking Hills, head to the Hocking State Forest. Here, you will find the Hocking State Forest Rock Climbing and Rappelling Area, the only place on state land that permits these activities. This section has a cliff face almost a mile long that varies in height. There are numerous cracks, slump blocks, chimneys, and overhangs that are perfect for those looking for a challenge. You can look at this handy rock climbing map for more information! Local tip: These rocks are soft sandstone, so it is safer to top-rope than to use pitons and chocks.

Consider a Guide

Get the most out of rappelling in the Hocking Hills when you go with a guide. These guides know the ins and outs of the forest and can show you the best places to rappel for your skill level. Plus, you don’t have to worry about bringing your own gear since it will all be provided. They’ll teach you some tips and tricks, too!

High Rock Adventures

High Rock Adventures is a one-of-a-kind tour agency in the Hocking Hills. Not only do they offer incredible excursions, but they also aim to teach you about the environment along the way. You’ll love rappelling with them because they are the only on-site rappelling tour company in our area! They have their own private property so you’ll never have to wait in line, and all of the state-of-the-art Petzl stainless steel anchoring systems are already in place.

Hocking Hills Adventure Trek

If you want a guide to help you in the Hocking State Forest, Hocking Hills Adventure Trek is the company for you. This is the only company with a permit to guide in this forest, and they are experts on rappelling the sandstone here. You know you’ll be in good hands because all lead guides are trained by the American Mountain Guide Association. The most popular option is to rappel a 115-foot waterfall! It’s definitely an experience you won’t soon forget.

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