Your Ultimate Guide to Spring in the Hocking Hills

In the spring, the Hocking Hill’s flora and fauna come alive after a long winter. The snow disappears from the trails, which makes way for budding wildflowers, and the sun comes out to play, casting warm rays across flourishing greenery. Thanks to the warmer temperatures and breathtaking views, spring in the Hocking Hills is a perfect time of year for outdoor enthusiasts to visit our area. Enjoy hikes to stunning sights like a cascading waterfall! 

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Spring in the Hocking Hills: Weather, Activities, and Events 

Enjoy Mild Temperatures

The first sign of spring in the Hocking Hills is warmer temperatures. After a chilly winter, spring weather in the Hocking Hills brings with it temperatures that range from the 50s to the 70s and plenty of sunshine! Be sure to pack both pants and shorts, a light jacket, and a rain jacket and/or windbreaker for your spring visit to the Hocking Hills! 

Hit the Trails at Hocking Hills State Park

Spring in the Hocking Hills is an ideal time to hit the trails! With mild temperatures, you’re sure to get a good workout in without becoming exhausted. This time of year also boasts spectacular views, so be sure to pack a camera to capture the beauty of scenic hiking trails in the Hocking Hills!

One of our favorite hikes is Cantwell Cliffs. This secluded, 1.8-mile loop is lush with greenery and stunning rock formations. It’s the perfect route for hikers who want to be alone with the sights and sounds of nature. 

Attend the Wildflowers and Waterfalls Hike 

We look forward to the Waterfalls and Wildflowers Hike each spring! This annual event is another great opportunity to view the beauty of spring in the Hocking Hills. The Waterfalls and Wildflowers event is a guided group hike that passes through Ash Cave gorge and ends at the sparkling waterfall. 

Ash Cave is the largest recess cave in Ohio and is an impressive sight to see year-round. It’s exceptionally stunning in the spring, though. A mixture of melted snow and fresh rainfall form a spectacular waterfall that cascades from the top of the cave. The hike to Ash Cave is a one-mile venture that’s handicap accessible, which makes it the perfect activity for hikers of all abilities. 

This is a great way to celebrate spring in the Hocking Hills with our local community!

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