Sometimes finding golf in your area or where you're staying on vacation can be a cumbersome task. You may be a frequent visitor to Hocking Hills State Park or the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, but you never thought about making your golf trips here. For the avid golfer and beginner, a membership to the Hocking Hills Golf Club is an excellent value. If you're frequently looking to play golf in Hocking Hills, you will get better rates on course fees, access to exclusive tournaments and leagues, and other perks. You'll also want to check out our new loft accommodations located on the course so you don't ever have to leave. Check out the graphics and links below for all of the great benefits of having a membership with Hocking Hills Golf Club!

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2023 HHGC Membership Rates
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Hocking Hills Golf Club Membership Perks

Members of our Hocking Hills Golf Club get to enjoy several benefits throughout the year, including those listed below, and access to the many tournaments and events that we host!

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