The Inn is proud to be a Level II Green Certified business in Hocking Hills. With the help of many employees; dedicated and concerned about the environment, the Inn has implemented a closed-cycle “Green Stream” with much of our kitchen compost. We purchased a woman using compost bucketcomposting drum to help speed up the process. We are now able to take what would otherwise be trash and turn it into “black gold” for our gardens. The following are other ways in which the Inn is working to become greener and earth-friendly. We share these ideas with you in hopes you might help us here and take some of the suggestions home.

  1. Use saran wrap on sandwiches instead of using so many “to-go boxes”
  2. Use “Recycled Hoagie Bags” for sandwiches instead of boxes
  3. Reusable containers for lunches
  4. Use recycled paper products
  5. Reuse garbage bags when possible (empty together)
  6. Reuse previously printed paper in computer printer
  7. Use liquid soap and save soap bars
  8. Wash laundry with cold water whenever possible
  9. Switch to environmentally safe products
  10. Start a linen (both towels and sheets) reuse program in all rooms
  11. Make laundry bags out of retired sheets
  12. Donate retired sheets and towels to staff and homeless shelters
  13. Install low flow showerheads and sink aerators
  14. Switch to low flow toilets or install toilet tank fill diverters
  15. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs in guestrooms or use sensors in infrequently used areas
  16. Install dimmers on light switches
  17. Keep heat turned down in cabins, cottages, and rooms
  18. Leave heat/AC on one setting and not turn it up and down
  19. Use less paper by reducing the size of paper used
  20. Our current Spa products are natural and environmentally conscious
  21. Offer organic healthy snacks
  22. Offer discount rates to sustainable living/environmental organizations who would like to stay at or hold meetings at property
  23. Recycle plastic garden benches
  24. Repaved all driveways with recycled concrete & blacktop