parksA favorite outdoor adventure in Ohio is hiking in the Hocking Hills. There are six major hiking trail areas in Hocking Hills State Park:

The Hocking Hills State Park Trails are open year round from dawn to dusk. Each trail is different and has its own personality every season. There are rugged trails for the active seasoned hiker to paved, easily accessible, short trails. Benches run along some of the trails so you can sit down and enjoy the wildlife. While most hikes are self guided, the Hocking Hills State Parks has scheduled hikes throughout the year. Starting in January, the Old Man’s Cave Winter Hike is 6 miles of rugged hiking from Old Man’s Cave to Cedar Falls to Ash Cave. Witness the blanketing snow and fabulous frozen waterfalls along the way.

In the Spring, Hocking Hills State Park offers the Wildflower and Waterfall hike. Observe hard to find species of wildflowers throughout the Ash Cave area. The Ash Cave waterfalls are breathtaking and since there is nothing behind the falls, adventurous hikers may go around the waterfall on all sides.

Being one of the state’s most beautiful and remote regions, with brilliant oranges, reds, greens, yellows and even purple the burst of Fall color in Hocking Hills is a must.

Ash Cave comes alive with the Luminary Walk in December. Warm by the fire, listen to carolers and help decorate the tree for wildlife.

Rappelling and Climbing
The Hocking State Forest Rock-climbing and Rappelling area is the only facility on state land in the Hocking Hills permitting rock climbing and rappelling. Nearly a mile of cliff, ranging up to 100 feet, along with numerous slump blocks, enormous rock formations, chimneys, and overhangs provides a variety of challenges to the rock climber and rappeller. Stately hemlock trees make up the backdrop for your climb, an experience that you’ll never forget.

Hocking Hills Rock Climbing and Rappelling is an outdoor adventure that will be remembered for life! Earth-Water-Rock specializes in Hocking Hills rock climbing, offering guided outings in the Hocking Forest. There’s no climbing experience needed to start your climbing and rappelling adventure! Their staff work with you, individually assessing your skill level and abilities. You tell them what you’re looking for: a short first-time climb, or a breathtaking, knee-quivering climb above the treetops. Whether your goal is to climb a 30 foot boulder or rappel from a 100 foot cliff face, they are here to help you achieve your goal.

Call our staff to set up your personal adventure today.

Bag lunches are a great idea to take on the long hiking trips.

Jack & Amanda, Pittsburgh, PA