Cedar Falls, our favorite of the Hocking Hills State Park system, is one of Ohio’s most popular natural history attractions. Cedar Falls, a 50-foot waterfall, is the largest waterfall by water volume in the Hocking Hills region. Its name is actually a misnomer as the falls were named by early settlers who mistook the area’s abundant hemlock trees for cedar trees and incorrectly named the falls.

Cedar Falls is located on Queer Creek and the trail leading to the falls passes through a forest thick with hemlocks, steep rock walls and grottos. Large snapping turtles can be found in the stream that follows the path leading to Cedar Falls.

In the mid 1800’s, early settlers constructed a grist mill and trading post at the falls. The mill was positioned to take advantage of the power generated by the flow of water coming over the falls. Today, there is an iron bridge where the mill once stood and you can see the outline in the sandstone where the grist mill once stood.

Hikers can enter Ohio’s Buckeye Trail at Cedar Falls and hike to either Ash Cave or Old Man’s Cave. This six-mile section of the Buckeye Trail at Cedar Falls Ohio, also known as the Grandma Gatewood Trail, is part of two national trails: the North Country Scenic Trail and the American Discovery Trail. This six-mile hike is the trail used for the Annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike, always on the third Saturday in January.

Cedar Falls is located on S.R. 374 between S.R. 664 (Old Man’s Cave) and S.R. 56 (Ash Cave). It has picnic facilities and restrooms. The trail is about a 1/2 mile long and takes about 30 minutes to hike.