We Know the Best Getaway from Ann Arbor to Hocking Hills

You can never choose a bad time for a trip out of the city. Ann Arbor is one of the great cities and college towns in America, but every now and then you need an escape. A trip from Ann Arbor to Hocking Hills is just what you need. Whether you bring the whole family or want a romantic getaway with your special someone, Hocking Hills is your destination! 

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3 Reasons Why Ann Arbor to Hocking Hills is the Prime Weekend Getaway 

1. Escape Busy City Life

Sometimes we need everything to slow down. We need to get out and enjoy the simpler things in life. Here at Hocking Hills, you can explore nature with plenty of scenic hiking trails. You can sit out on the porch of your private cabin or lodge, sipping coffee and enjoying meaningful time with the people you care about.  

2. It’s Only Four Hours Away

The drive is short! Only 245 miles down I-75 S, Hocking Hills is an easy escape route from everyday life. While you can spend weeks exploring Hocking Hills and getting lost in the tranquility, the short drive makes it ideal for a quick weekend trip! 

3. Something for Everyone to Enjoy 

During your stay in Hocking Hills, you can enjoy a great spa day, a round of golf, and many adventures in the state park. You can enjoy some time out on the lakes and rivers, or decide you want to stay right where you are to enjoy the lack of commotion and bustle. 

Choose Your Getaway from Ann Arbor 

Family-friendly Activities 

Hocking Hills provides families with plenty of adventure. You can check out all the family-friendly things to do and see why Hocking Hills is the best family getaway in Ohio! When you come as a family, you have no shortage of options at your fingertips to keep yourself and the kids occupied your whole stay. 

Romantic Trip for Couples 

For those looking for a quieter, romantic stay in Ohio, you can choose from many options ranging from grabbing a drink at the local breweries or wineries to enjoying the spa. You may also let us plan your perfect date night in Hocking Hills too! 

Book Your Stay in the Heart of Hocking Hills 

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