These Are 3 of the Best Caves in Ohio

The Hocking Hills has everything an adventure enthusiast could ever dream of. Speed through the forest on an ATV, see cascading waterfalls, or take a leisurely walk on stunning trails. You can even see nature from a different perspective when you visit caves in Ohio! Enter into another world when you explore these formations. Don’t forget to access our complimentary Vacation Guide to get the inside scoop on planning your stay!

3 of the Best Caves in Ohio caves in Ohio

Old Man’s Cave

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is surrounded on three sides by Hocking Hills State Park, making it incredibly convenient for exploring. Within the park, you’ll find several spectacular sites including the famous Old Man’s Cave. Old Man’s Cave derives its name from Richard Rowe, the hermit who lived in the larger recess cave of the gorge. Legend has it that Rowe is even buried beneath the ledge of the cave!

Carved by water hundreds of years ago, this cave serves as a path for visitors to explore the magnificent rocks. Inside the cavern, you’ll be in awe of the high, jagged ceiling and rocky sides. Make sure you bring your camera to capture the landscape!

Ash Cave

Ash Cave is one of the most beautiful destinations in Hocking Hills State Park. It is the largest recess cave in the state! The cave is 100 feet deep, with a 700-foot mouth and 90-foot ceiling. You won’t be able to fathom its enormity until you see it for yourself! Nature has weathered the soft middle layers of Ash Cave while the more resistant upper and lower zones have remained intact to create a dome.

Ash Cave’s name comes from an interesting story. Early settlers found a massive pile of ashes below the cave that was recorded to be about 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, and three feet deep. Where did the ashes come from? We will never know, but they are believed to be from Native American campfires built hundreds of years ago.

Whispering Cave

Whispering Cave is the second largest cave in the Hocking Hills State Park. To get here, take the Hemlock Bridge Trail. The entire trail is lined with towering hemlocks, and you’ll be treated to breathtaking views when you reach the scenic overlook! When you get to a fork in the trail, a sign will help you decide if you would like to hike towards the cave or the swinging bridge that brings you to the Gorge Trail. When you start seeing gorgeous rock formations, you’ll know you are close! Stairs bring you into the cave, and there is even a waterfall for you to enjoy.

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