Your Guide to Exploring Clear Creek Metro Park

Clear Creek Metro Park in Rockbridge, Ohio, features more than 5,300 acres of stunning land to explore. Inside, you’ll find gorgeous woodland, Black Hand Sandstone cliffs, ravines, creeks, and more than 2,200 species of plants and animals. It’s also home to the Clear Creek Nature Preserve, the largest state nature preserve of its kind in Ohio. Make sure you get our complimentary Vacation Guide for all of the best things to see and do during your trip!

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About Clear Creek Metro Park

Clear Creek Metro Park is a very unique spot; it is the product of overlapping geological and climatic zones. The Clear Creek Nature Preserve, also known as the Allen F. Beck State Nature Preserve, protects 4,769 acres of this land. It is best described as a mix of the prairies of the west and the Appalachian forests of the east. The Black Hand Sandstone has been carved away by ancient melting glaciers, and the towering trees have been growing for hundreds of years. This provides the opportunity for more than 1,200 native plant species to thrive! You can see it all on the 15 miles of hiking trails or opt to relax in nature when you pack brown bag lunch from Kindred Spirits for a picnic.

The Plant Life Hocking Hills Dog-Friendly Trails

Because of the unique topography of the area, Clear Creek Metro Park provides a habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals. Forested areas are full of Canadian hemlocks, ferns, oak, hickory, and Ohio’s last remaining colonies of rhododendron. Abundant plant life carpets the floor, including mountain laurel, maidenhair ferns, pink lady slipper, skunk cabbage, witch hazel, American chestnut, and persimmon trees.

Hiking Trails

Explore the beautiful Clear Creek Metro Park on one of the many hiking trails. The shortest and easiest trail, Good Prairie, loops around the prairie for just .3 miles. The longest and most challenging trail, Chestnut, brings you through the gorgeous sandstone formations for 2.5 miles. No matter what level of hiker you consider yourself, there is a trail for you!

Hocking Hills FishingNature Programs

Visitors can enjoy a variety of educational programs that take place in Clear Creek Metro Park throughout the year. The programs focus on understanding different types of animals, plants, geology, and human history found in the park. There are also naturalist-led hikes that let you explore areas of the park that are not currently open to the public. Check out the Hocking Hills website to see what they are offering during your stay at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls!

Fishing Opportunities

Located within Clear Creek Metro Park, Lake Ramona is an angler’s dream. Cast your line into this 5-acre body of water from the shore, or bring a kayak or canoe. There are several access points to launch boats from! You will also find streams throughout the park.

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