Memorial Day Weekend in the Hocking Hills: Come Experience Summer at Its Finest!

Memorial Day signifies the beginning of summer and the beginning of one of the best seasons in the Hocking Hills! Spend Memorial Day weekend in the Hocking Hills, and enjoy activities, area events, and more! This blog is your inside scoop on everything happening around town that you won’t want to miss! For even more Hocking Hills vacation ideas, grab your copy of our Vacation Guide! The guide contains all the top things to do when you’re here. Now, let’s kick off the summer season! 

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Hocking Hills Memorial Day Weekend 

Spend the Day at Lake Logan Family boating on lake

Get outside and explore Lake Logan! The lake is among the best places to cover all Memorial Day activities. Boating, swimming, and picnicking are among the most popular ways to spend time here! Bring the kids, and let the fun begin! You’ll be relaxed and enjoy the area’s beauty without a doubt! 

Enjoy Live Music With a Glass of Wine  

Relaxing with a glass of wine is always a good idea! Here in the Hocking Hills, we have the perfect place to enjoy this. Hocking Hills Winery offers the ideal crisp wine to complement the summer weather! Browse their entire selection of white wines, and find your favorite! They also have charcuterie boards to snack on. Visiting the winery is an excellent option for couples looking for a relaxing afternoon activity to enjoy the beginning of summer! 

Moonshine Festival Moonshine

Another way to enjoy Memorial Day is by attending the Moonshine Festival! The festival lasts three days and celebrates the story of New Straitsville, Ohio, and the days of Prohibition, when this town was the largest producer of moonshine. There will also be amusement rides, live entertainment, carnival food and drinks, and more! Come and experience a piece of Ohio history during Memorial Day! 

Logan Washboard Arts & Music Festival   

This musical event is a must! Held Annually, the Logan Washboard Arts & Music Festival celebrates the washboard as a musical instrument. The washboard has been used for music since the mid-1800s and defined family life. There will be live music, a car show, arts & crafts, free children’s activities, and much more! Bring the kids and experience this one-of-a-kind music festival. Best of all, the event is free! 

After celebrating Memorial Day Ohio-style, retreat to the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls! Lodging Accommodation

The Hocking Hills is the perfect place to take in Ohio beauty! Imagine yourself enjoying a cup of coffee on your porch as the sun rises. Listening to the breeze blow through the trees, start your day with pure relaxation! Our Hocking Hills cabins, yurts, geodomes, and cottages offer just that. Each Hocking Hills lodging type offers something a little different, so review all your options and find the perfect one for you. Sweeten your stay with one of our specials and packages! No matter the occasion, these Hocking Hills vacation packages are the ideal complement to any stay! Start planning your Memorial Day trip to the Hocking Hills today; we’ll see you soon! 

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