What You Need to Know About Ohio University Moms Weekend

From the first cry of our first child until the last one’s graduation day, there is one thought that most moms think at least once, if not at least once a day, please don’t grow up. While moms may complain from time to time about their children if you ask them if they would trade it, the answer will always be no. Mom’s are the ones that are always there for you. They cook you your favorite meals when you ask them to, they do a countless number of loads of laundry, and they do all of these things because they love you. For most moms saying goodbye to their children as they venture out into the real world and college can be a sad time. However, at Ohio University Moms Weekend, there is a weekend dedicated to spending time with your favorite Ohio University student. We at Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls love housing all of our mom visitors for Ohio University Moms Weekend. There are so many fun things to do during the weekend that it will be hard to choose where to start.

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If you aren’t very familiar with Ohio University, here are a few quick facts that will help you get an idea about the campus. Ohio University is located in Athens, OH which is located on the southeast side of the state, about 1 1/2 hours outside of Columbus. Ohio University is known throughout the country as one of the top schools to attend. Entrance requirements are high and the students who leave Ohio University not only leave with a great education and many opportunities for employment but also they have a great time while they were there.

Things to Do

The weekend starts on Friday and while some events will be held during the day, the Ohio University Moms Weekend doesn’t really get going until that night. That night there will be an array of events planned for many different preferences. Last year there was a dinner theater, movie screening, wine tasting, star gazing, and much more. Be sure to get a lot of rest that night as the Ohio University Moms Weekend amps into high gear on Saturday. Being that Ohio University is located in such a wonderful area, they want to showcase all of the fun outdoor activities that you could participate in at any time. Last year there was golf, hiking at Hocking Hills State Park, a zip line adventure, and much more. Spend your afternoon trying something new like last year’s fashion show and cookie decorating class. The evening can be spent going to dinner and then catching a fun show put on for Ohio University Moms Weekend or you can spend it outside stargazing. Sunday can be spent in a variety of ways but one is to give back to the community. There will be many opportunities to give back throughout the weekend. Spend your last day with your Ohio University student reminiscing about all the fun you had and how you can’t wait to have fun again together soon.


When deciding on whether or not you are going to go to Ohio University Moms Weekend, also decide where to stay. Consider staying with us at Inn at Cedar Falls. Conveniently located near Hocking Hills State Park, our inn is an ideal spot for not only having a weekend with you college student but also a weekend away for you. Our lodging options all have fantastic views of the local Hocking Hills and are always a peaceful way to pass the time. Our comfortable beds and luxurious linens will help lull you into a deep sleep. Each morning take some time for yourself and relax as you wake up with a delicious home-cooked breakfast in our restaurant, Kindred Spirits. If you have any other questions about Ohio University Moms Weekend or booking a stay with us for the weekend, please contact our helpful staff today.

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