Here are the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Hocking Hills

There’s nothing better for coffee lovers everywhere than taking that first sip of coffee in the morning. Being foggy-eyed and groggy but holding that cup is an almost spiritual experience that’s an integral part of a lot of Americans’ days. When a coffee lover goes on vacation, one of the first things we scope out is where the best local coffee shops are. It’s the cornerstone of the day and a necessary part of making the most of our vacation experience. We’ve got you covered with the 5 best coffee shops in Hocking Hills, so you can ensure that your day gets off to the best start! 

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The Best Coffee on Your Trip 

Even on vacation, we need that extra jolt to get us going in the morning. Whether you’ve been hiking, biking, fishing, or enjoying the area’s natural beauty, you will seek that delicious cup of joe. You may wonder where to get the best coffee during your stay. We have you covered! 

1. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

The inn offers all of our overnight guests a complimentary breakfast featuring Ohio-roasted coffee and locally produced teas. Anyone can enjoy a hearty breakfast for a day of adventure in Hocking Hills, but it’s highly recommended that you make a breakfast reservation to ensure you take full advantage. As long as you’re staying with us, we’ll even deliver right to your door! 

2. Hocking Hills Coffee Emporium

Cofee Emporium is a great place for coffee. Locally owned and operated, they even serve Nitro Brew and Kombucha tea on tap. Beyond coffee, they also serve breakfast, lunch, and soups. If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy the atmosphere, they also provide grab-and-go sandwiches! 

3. Full Brooks Café

They boast of a “little place with a big attitude.” Many people stop here for great, fair-trade organic coffee and espresso drinks. It’s a local favorite to stop in for lunch as well. Don’t be surprised if you see students escaping the Ohio University campus for a quiet study session either! 

4. Village Café

A full restaurant with a small-town diner feel. The coffee is great, and the food options are what you would expect. You can stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or just stop in for a cup of coffee on your way to more fun on your vacation. It’s a local area favorite for tourists as well as locals! 

5. Hocking Hills Oasis Coffee Shop & More

A unique coffee shop experience, they make plenty of various styles of coffee and espresso drinks, including flavored coffees. What makes this shop stand out is the venue. The shop is located inside a cabin off the highway to give a perfect Hocking Hills feel. At the back, they even house an 18-hole mini-golf course! 

Drink Your Coffee Anywhere But Stay at Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls 

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