Don’t Miss the Fiddling Contest at the Nelsonville Parade of Hills

Nelsonville Parade of HillsAt the end of every summer, there is one festival that we at Inn at Cedar Falls look forward to, the Nelsonville Parade of Hills. There is something about this 4-day festival that just brings not only the local community together but also brings others from outside the area to us and shows them a bit more about our life here in the Hocking Hills. The Nelsonville Parade of Hills has a feel about it that is reminiscent of festivals and life, in a simpler time, decades ago. The Nelsonville Parade of Hills has been a staple in the Hocking Hills for many years and this year’s Nelsonville Parade of Hills will be amazing. Come check out some of the fun events that you should check out while you are there.

This year’s Nelsonville Parade of Hills will take place August 19th-22nd at the Public Square on Canal Street. There are many events packed into the Nelsonville Parade of Hills so be sure to plan ahead so you can attend all the events you would like. The first set of events at Nelsonville Parade of Hills that you should look into is the musical acts each day. Starting on Wednesday is A Hard Day’s Night, which is a Beatles tribute band, on Thursday is McGuffey Lane, Friday is Mr. Speed, which is a KISS tribute band, and Saturday is Stadium 11. Some other bands that are planning on being at Nelsonville Parade of Hills are Pete’s Band, Holi Spicoli, Time Machine, Word of Mouth Jazz Band, Gospel Night, and more. Be sure to keep checking back on their site to get a better idea of who will be playing. Another musical event will be taking place at the Nelsonville Parade of Hills, the Ohio State Fiddling Contest. This will be held at Stuart’s Opera House on Friday at 6 pm. This is a great event because you will get to see some of the best fiddlers in the area playing their heart and soul out. The age range for contestants is 12 and up and we are sure you will be blown away by their skills.

Besides musical events, there are 2 active events to attend as well. These are the 5k Run for the Hills and Athletic Day. The Run for the Hills event is on Saturday at 9 am at the Nelsonville Public Square. This will be a street race and you will get the chance to see a lot of the beauty of Nelsonville while on your run. Pre-registration goes until August 13th and is $15 and includes a race t-shirt. The Athletic Day event is on Wednesday at 10:30 am at Polly Field. This event is for children aged 3-18 and is a great way for them to burn off some energy that morning with fun games and activities.

The last 3 events are what make the Nelsonville Parade of Hills so spectacular. These are the Queen Contests, the Pie Contest, and the Parades. There are 2 different Queen Contests, the Miss Parade of the Hills Contest which is for older girls and will be held at different locations throughout the week. The other is the same, just for the little ladies. The Pie Contest and Auction is one of the events that everyone in the community looks forward to. It helps raise money for the community and also involves a pie made by hand which is always a great treat. Lastly, the Nelsonville Parade of Hills wouldn’t be complete without a parade. There will be 3 parades at the Nelsonville Parade of Hills, which will be the Welcome Home Parade, a Bicycle Parade, and a Grande Parade. Be sure to check out their page to find out more about places and times.

As you can see, we love a great festival here in the Hocking Hills. When you do decide to come to the Nelsonville Parade of Hills, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Inn at Cedar Falls. We have many accommodation types perfect for singles, couples, and families. Each morning enjoy a delicious breakfast to help you get started with your day. In the evenings, be sure to set aside one dinner with us at our in-house restaurant Kindred Spirits. The summer evenings here are amazing and it’s always nice to sit outside to enjoy your meal. Contact us today and make a reservation with us for your next stay in Hocking Hills.

Photo by Ron Bailey