Everything You Need to Know About the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

The Hocking Hills are filled with towering trees, cascading falls, and stunning rock formations. No matter where you decide to explore, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful sights around every turn. Consider heading somewhere like the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve to get a taste of what our area offers. Don’t forget to access our complimentary Vacation Guide to discover even more state parks and preserves!

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About the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

The Rockbridge State Nature Preserve is made up of 220 acres of gorgeous Ohio land. The preserve is home to many of the diverse geological features found in this state, including its namesake: the Rockbridge Natural Bridge. To see the bridge for yourself, you can enjoy 2.75-miles of trails. Keep in mind that the trails here are at the moderate level; if you would like easier trails, we are more than happy to point some out to you in the Hocking Hills State Park next to the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls.

The Rockbridge Natural Bridge

The Rockbridge Natural Bridge brings countless visitors to the Rockbridge State Nature Preserve every year. This natural arch is more than 100 feet long and varies between 10 and 20 feet wide. The bridge arches 50 feet across a ravine, making it the largest natural bridge in the state. There are only eleven others in Ohio, so come see this rare sight for yourself!

The Geology

Millions of years ago, the state of Ohio was underwater in an inland sea. Rivers carrying both fine and coarse grained sands settled to the sea bottom. Over the centuries, the accumulating sand thickened, compressed, and formed Black Hand sandstone. Pressure from beneath the earth’s surface caused the land in eastern North America to rise, forming the Appalachian Mountains.

The inland sea soon drained away, exposing newly uncovered rock layers. The natural bridge emerged! Wind and rain worked for centuries carving a deep, cave-like recess in the Black Hand sandstone. Over the years, this ongoing process widened the crevice. All that remains of the overhanging ledge is the narrow rock arch.

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Hocking Hills State Park surrounds the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls on three sides, so it is the perfect place to explore during your stay. Our complimentary guide will tell you everything you need to know for your adventure!

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