Here Is How to Stargaze at the John Glenn Astronomy Park

The night sky has been a fascinating subject since the beginning of time. When you look up on a clear night and see the stars twinkling like distant fireflies, it is almost like magic. In many parts of the United States, light pollution gets in the way of these gorgeous views. The Hocking Hills is one of the few areas left that you can admire the stars in their pristine state! Visit the John Glenn Astronomy Park to see and learn about the breathtaking night sky.

If you’re coming to the Hocking Hills, we have the perfect resource to help plan your trip. Our complimentary Vacation Guide is full of recommendations for things to do and places to visit, like the John Glenn Astronomy Park. We know that planning a trip can be challenging and time-consuming, so we created this free guide to save you from hours of research!

About the John Glenn Astronomy Park

Because the Hocking Hills is one of the only places in the entire country that the night sky is still untouched by light pollution, it was chosen as the perfect site to build the John Glenn Astronomy Park. This brand new facility aims to keep the age-old fantasy of the sky alive through education. Its expert design allows the sun’s rays to fall upon a central point at the start of each season.

Visiting the John Glenn Astronomy Park


When you visit the park at night, you never know what you might see. You’ll have access to their 28-inch telescope in the roll-off roof observatory or the option to set up your own telescope and gear. If the moon, planets, stars, and galaxies are within view, you are sure to see them! Night programs begin at sunset, and you can read the FAQ if you have any questions.


Don’t worry, the telescopes at the are not just functional after the sun goes down! If you visit during the day, you’ll get to look out at the Earth’s closest star: the sun. JGAP’s telescopes are outfitted with special filters so you can see during the day! Plus, you can learn all about the solar system at the exhibits and activities found around the park.

Where to Stay

Business MeetingIf you want to experience the beauty of the Hocking Hills, stay with us at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. Stargaze from the private porch of your cabin, indulge in a cottage, get cozy in a geodome, book a lodge, or “glamp” under the stars in one of our new yurts. You’ll have access to our 75-acre property including our restaurant, spa, and more! You will love coming back and relaxing here after your time at the John Glenn Astronomy Park; we are just a 5-minute drive away. Book your stay today; we look forward to seeing you!