Enjoy the Live Music and Great Food at the Wild Turkey Festival

Wild Turkey FestivalWhen it comes to festivals, we at Inn at Cedar Falls think that our area has some of the best ones around. We have some great events all over and throughout the year. There is something about getting the local community as well as visitors all together in celebration of a certain piece of history or a fun activity. One festival in particular that we look forward to every spring is the Wild Turkey Festival. Even in the name, you know you are going to have a great time. The Wild Turkey Festival is a celebratory event that includes, rides, food, music, entertainment, and more all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Hocking Hills.

The 31st Annual Wild Turkey Festival will be held in McArthur, OH, just a short 20 minute drive from us at Inn at Cedar Falls, on April 30th-May 3rd. This 4 day Wild Turkey Festival will be filled with fun for the whole family and is a perfect way to spend a weekend in Hocking Hills. The hours for the Wild Turkey Festival start from 5 pm to 11 pm Thursday, 11 am to 11 pm Friday and Saturday, and 12 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. The festival will be held on the streets of downtown Mc Arthur and while there is no entrance fee into the Wild Turkey Festival, be sure to bring plenty of cash for the fun rides and delicious food.

Let’s explore some of the fun activities and events that you can expect to find at the Wild Turkey Festival. Some of the staples for the Wild Turkey Festival have been the Grand Parade as well as the crowing of the Wild Turkey Queen. The Wild Turkey Festival started in 1985 and since it’s first year they have always had a Grande Parade on Saturday evening. This is a wonderful way to sit back and relax and enjoy the town. Each year there is a new Grand Marshall of the Wild Turkey Festival to help lead the town in fun and start the year’s events. The parade will be at 6 pm on Saturday, May 2nd. Following that there will be crowning of the Queen of the Wild Turkey Festival. They even have a contest for babies as well. There is nothing cuter than a dressed up little baby. Another staple at the Wild Turkey Festival is music. The sound stage comes alive with amazing musicians from all over.

Besides perusing the food and the rides, there are some other activities that you should definitely check out. One of them being their car show. Go down memory lane and look at all of these beautifully restored cars. You will most likely see ones from your childhood as well as many more. Show your kids which car was the coolest when you were a kid. Ask the car owners all about the restoration and watch them beam with pride over the work that has been done.

If you love beautiful quilts, then be sure to check out the Quilt Show at the Wild Turkey Festival. Our area has some of the most gifted quilters, like those at the nearby Dairy Barn Arts Center. The quilts featured at the festival are so gorgeous and if you happen to quilt as well, can give you some inspiration on your next project.

When deciding about the Wild Turkey Festival, be sure to consider staying with us at Inn at Cedar Falls while you are here. You will be amazed at the beauty of our local Hocking Hills, especially what you can see from your room as well as exploring our property. Planning on coming with your family? We have many accommodation types to fit everyone, even your four-legged family members. Contact our lovely staff today and book a trip to see us in time for the Wild Turkey Festival.