The Lancaster Festival: A Celebration of Music and Arts

Lancaster FestivalWhen it comes to life, there are certain things that we need. Food, shelter, clothing, etc. are our most basic essentials. However, since the dawn of man we have looked onward past those for something more beautiful and meaningful in our lives. The beauty of the world inspires us and helps us create other beautiful works for others to enjoy. We at Inn at Cedar Falls are always inspired by the natural beauty of our area. We in turn focus it outwards into our accommodations and the food that we make as well. Each year though, we love getting our creative bucket filled but going to the Lancaster Festival. Every year is better than the last when it comes to supporting and embracing the arts. Come see how this year’s Lancaster Festival will be just as amazing as year’s past.

The Lancaster Festival’s mission is truly wonderful. It simply states that to create, love, and express art makes us fully human. They take this and push it across the board on many levels. The Lancaster Festival wants to reach as many cultures as possible and want to cultivate a love for the arts in everyone, especially children. They also want to do this to benefit the community in a positive way. Lastly, they want to always push the boundaries of the arts and artists and encourage experimentation and adventure in the arts.

This year’s Lancaster Festival will be held July 23rd through August 1st and will be filled with things to do for the entire family. There will be concerts of every kind, downtown, candlelight, chamber music and more. Be sure to check out their schedule of events to know exactly what is going on and where. If you plan on coming to the Lancaster Festival with kids, you will be pleased to know that everyday there is a children’s activity each day. Some are in the morning and some are in the afternoon which is perfect for children of any age. The Lancaster Festival even has family concerts on some nights which will showcase favorite songs beloved by many. Besides that, there will be concerts by many different artists throughout the Lancaster Festival on many different days.

Let’s move on to the arts aspect of the Lancaster Festival. There will be an Art Walk featured throughout the Lancaster Festival and the way the hosts arrange it is very unique. They pair up a featured artist with a local business where their art will be showcased. Visitors will then walk through the businesses to not only look at the art but also the business. Visitors can also meet and greet with the artists as well as purchase any pieces that they like.

Tickets for the Lancaster Festival will go on sale on May 4th so be on the look out as they can go quite quickly.

When you have wonderful festivals like the Lancaster Festival so close it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy coming to the Hocking Hills area for a quick trip. When you do come, consider staying with us at Inn at Cedar Falls. Guests enjoy not only all the different accommodation types but our lovely in-house restaurant, Kindred Spirits as well as our spa. Locals and visitors alike love coming to our spa for a relaxing treatment to get the mind and body back in working order. Be sure to contact a member of our lovely staff today and start planning a trip to the Hocking Hills area.

Photo Credit: Dominick / Watercolor Paints / Flickr

Poster Courtesy: Lancaster Festival