Where is Hocking Hills? Why Should I Visit?

When someone mentions the Hocking Hills, you probably wonder where this area actually is and what is so special about it. The area around the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls captures the interest of thousands of travelers each year because of its picturesque beauty and countless things to do. So, where is the Hocking Hills, Ohio? Here’s everything you need to know. For an overview of all of the best activities and places to see, get a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide!

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Where Is the Hocking Hills in Ohio?

In Southeastern Ohio, there is an area known as the Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills is part of the Allegheny Plateau, primarily in Hocking County, and spans over a few towns. The area features jagged cliffs, stunning gorges, unique rock shelters, and beautiful waterfalls. This extreme topography is due to copious amounts of Black Hand Sandstone, a hard and weather-resistant stone. The less resistant portions in the middle of these stone cliffs are known to erode away, creating caves and gorges, while the hardened parts create stunning sheer cliffs and natural rock bridges.

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Why Should I Visit?

The Hocking Hills is an area unlike anywhere else. There are plenty of things to do for all ages, and it’s not a typical vacation destination. Instead of man-made attractions, you’ll find that nature has shaped nearly all of the top places to visit here. Head to the Hocking Hills State Park to see stunning caves, waterfalls, and miles of trails, or opt to view the scenery from the water on a kayak. You can spend days exploring the beauty that this area holds.

3 Reasons Why the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls Is the Best Place to Stay in the Hocking Hills

1. Proximity to All the Things to Do

Now that you know the answer to where is the Hocking Hills, you can start planning your getaway. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is in the heart of this area, so you’ll be just moments away from all the best things to do and see here. Plus, we’re only a few minutes from the Hocking Hills State Park, so make sure you get our Hocking Hills State Park Guide to help you plan! Our property is surrounded on three sides by this park, and we are within three miles of Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, and Fisherman’s Lake.

2. Onsite Activities

Relaxation is a huge part of a vacation, and we have everything you need to relax right onsite. Opt for one of our cabins with a private porch so you can take in the sights and sounds of nature, and schedule yourself a spa treatment to fully rejuvenate.

3. The Best Accommodations

Of course, where you stay has a huge impact on how you experience a particular region. At the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, we have a variety of accommodations to choose from that are sure to please any traveler. Decide between our yurts, cottages, cabins, and geodomes for an authentic Hocking Hills experience.

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Inn at Cedar Falls CottageCome answer where is the Hocking Hills for yourself when you stay at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls! Words can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this area, and each trip here is special. Browse our Hocking Hills lodging options to start planning your getaway today. We can’t wait to host you!