Where Is the Best Ziplining in Hocking Hills, Ohio?

Do you love the lush greenery of the beautiful Hocking Hills? Want to see it from a bird’s eye view? You can with ziplining in Hocking Hills, Ohio!  Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is our favorite zipline tour company in the area. This company offers a variety of zipline adventures just a short drive from our Inn. These zipline tours are perfect for nature lovers or thrill-seekers during your next trip to the Hocking Hills area. Read on to learn more about these award-winning experiences!

When you’re ready to start planning your trip, discover all that this area has to offer with our exclusive Hocking Hills Vacation Guide! This resource is filled with local insight into the best things to do in our area. 

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Hocking Hills Canopy Tours Is Your Go-To for Ziplining in Hocking Hills, Ohio

About Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is the main hub for aerial adventure in Ohio. This tour company has spent more than a decade perfecting its Hocking Hills zipline adventures. Choose from a variety of zipline tours that give you a bird’s eye view of our area’s landscape. Some even include scenic hikes through the Hocking Hills. No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for, you can find it with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours!

Choose Your Outdoor Adventure

Whether it’s an anniversary trip, group getaway, or family vacation, Hocking Hills Canopy tours has a zipline adventure for everyone! Choose from nine professionally guided zipline tours through the beautiful Hocking Hills. These one-of-a-kind tours go above and beyond your expectations! 

This company offers The “Original” Canopy Tour, which is a great option for first-timers. However, there are other options for visitors who want more. Thrill-seekers will love the Moonshine Night Tours! From June to November, zip through the full moon night sky into the unknown. For nature lovers, we recommend the Discovery Tours. These adventures allow zipliners to use trees and towers to explore a recess cave, the Hocking River, and more. 

More for Thrill Seekers in the Hocking Hills

Want to discover more excitement after zipping through the Hocking Hills? Rappelling is another great option for outdoor adventure! Hocking State Forest is the best spot for rappelling in the Hocking Hills. Explore nearly a mile of rugged cliff face that’s perfect for testing your skills. A couple of our favorite tour companies to use are High Rock Adventures and Hocking Hills Adventure Trek

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Rest at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls after your adventure ziplining in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Our Resort is located just a short distance from Hocking Hills Canopy Tours and is surrounded on three sides by Hocking Hills State Park. There’s an adventure to be had anywhere you turn! 

Choose from a variety of accommodations at The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. We offer cabins, Pacific-style yurts, cottages, geodomes and Hocking Hills lodges. Our guests can also enjoy access to an on-site spa and restaurant

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