The Most Effective Eco-Friendly Travel in the Hocking Hills

What are you doing to help the environment? By now, we all understand the importance of recycling, walking where possible, and choosing paper over plastic. Did you know that it’s possible to extend these efforts to your next vacation? There are a few ways to practice eco-friendly travel in the Hocking Hills. From your travel method to itinerary items, there are lots of ways you can go green during your next trip. Read on to discover more! 

Learn more about the natural beauty that we try so tirelessly to preserve with our Hocking Hills State Park Guide! This Ohio state park is one of the main sources of sustainable tourism in our area. Find out more about ways you can explore the native flora and fauna with this free guide! 

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Best Practices for Eco-Friendly Travel in the Hocking Hills

Travel Methods 

Many of our visitors drive to the Hocking Hills from their home cities. Make your road trip to the Hocking Hills eco-friendly by renting an energy-efficient car and extending your stay, which cuts down on overall travel emissions! Learn more about sustainable practices for road trips!

Ecotourism in the Hocking Hills

One of the most important sustainability efforts in our area is ecotourism. Each year, millions of visitors come to our area to explore Hocking Hills State Park. The park encompasses 2,000 acres of forests, waterfalls, and recess caves across the Hocking Hills region of southeastern Ohio. 

The best way to make your trip eco-friendly is through ecotourism. This simply refers to exploring our area’s natural beauty in a way that respects the native plant and wildlife. There are many outdoor activities to choose from like Hocking Hills scenic hiking trails. A few of our favorites include the hikes to Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House, and Conkle’s Hollow. 

Another popular way to practice ecotourism is through Hocking Hills wildlife viewing. The ecosystem here sustains a wide variety of species from barred owls to bobcats! Hocking Hills State Park is a great place to track wildlife. There are also many great spots for birding in the Hocking Hills region. 

Sustainable Lodging at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls 

Stay at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls for a truly green experience! Our Logan, OH, lodging is surrounded on three sides by Hocking Hills State Park, so there’s ecotourism nearly everywhere you look. 

We’re also proud to be a Green Certified business in the Hocking Hills. This means we take great care in our sustainability efforts. From “recycled” to-go bags at our on-site restaurant to natural products at the spa, we go green wherever possible, no matter how small or large the effort. 

Sustainable efforts are also implemented in our cabins, Pacific-style yurts, cottages, geodomes, and Hocking Hills lodges. View our full Green Policy for a comprehensive list of our efforts! 

Check our availability to start planning your Hocking Hills vacation! We thank you for practicing eco-friendly travel in the Hocking Hills.