Challenge Yourself in the Best Way at the Hocking Hills Indian Run

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For many, running is a euphoric experience. Science has proven that this physical activity releases feel-good hormones in our brain. Enhance your runner’s high with picturesque scenery at the Hocking Hills Indian Run. This series of races takes runners through a variety of beautiful 5K, 10K, 20K, 40K, and 60K courses that are sprinkled with shimmering waterfalls and lush forests. With a variety of distances to choose from, this run is the perfect way for runners of all skill levels to challenge themselves. Whether you want to jog the 5K to gaze in awe at the views or treat yourself to the ultimate challenge with the 60K (37.28 miles!), this race has something for you. Comradery is at an all-time high as runners from near and far come to challenge themselves at this race. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Hocking Hills Indian Run

About the Hocking Hills Indian Run

The Hocking Hills Indian Run is a series of races of varying distances. From three miles to 30, this run has everything. It’s become a beloved tradition in the area and draws runners from far and wide to participate. The races wind around waterfalls and through forests of the Hocking Hills State Park and Hocking State Forest. 

This race utilizes chip timing to record all runners’ finish times with unmatched accuracy. This is especially important for runners participating in the longer races as they use the power of concentration to beat their personal record!  

Choose Your Race Option

The intangible beauty of this race is its versatility. The run offers five courses for varying skill levels and is open to leashed pets! You can train with your four-legged friend at these dog-friendly trails in the Hocking Hills. It also takes place annually at the end of September when the weather has cooled down a bit. 

So, if you’re a serious runner, you can choose one of the longer races and if you’re a more casual runner or want to walk, you can choose one of the shorter races. The 60k run steps off at 7 a.m., followed by the 40k beginning at 8 a.m. The rest of the races have individual start times and runners can pick their start times within a two-hour period.

Learn About the Challenging Courses 

The course at the Hocking Hills Indian Run will wind through the hemlock forests, over streams, past waterfalls, and by deep gorges. The racecourse travels both uphill and down for the perfect blend of challenge and recovery. The longer races all follow the same path and wind around once, twice, or three times to complete each race distance. The shorter distance races begin elsewhere and runners can be transported there by bus after check-in at the Hocking Hills Naturalist Cabin. 

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Whether you’re running the race solo of with your four-legged friend, the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls has a lodging option to suit your needs. We proudly offer a selection of pet-friendly cabins and cottages nestled amid the Hocking Hills. No matter where you choose to rest, treat your muscles to a special spa treatment with us! 

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